In this system, there are no basic attributes of Strength, Dexterity, and so on. Instead, the defining elements of a character’s makeup is their Values. These 10 values are attached to the five colors of mana. Each color has two values associated with them. In addition, each value has a contrast value, which is in direct conflict.

Red Values are Passion and Impulse.

Passion denotes a planeswalker’s use of emotional strength. They follow their heart, don’t hide their feelings and act on how they feel when in conflicts or trying to make their way. The opposite of Passion is Order.

Impulse means the planeswalker is a creature of action. Diplomacy takes too long. Planning is boring where as action is instant and gratifying. The opposite of Impulse is Patience.

Blue Values are Knowledge and Patience.

Knowledge means that the planeswalker studies and is well learned, be it by books or by what they’ve learned by experience. However they come about their knowledge, they keep it to memory for use and deliberation. The opposite of Knowledge is Instinct.

Patience is just that, never rushing into problems when there could be an easier, trickier way around it. Careful planning and manipulation of problems. The opposite of Patience is Impulse.

Green Values are Instinct and Interdependence.

Instinct is acting on gut reaction, natural feelings and innate nature. Not trusting outside influence and trusting their own senses. The opposite of Instinct is Knowledge.

Interdependence is the understanding of connections between living things. Only by getting along as a whole is balance achieved. Being one with nature and creatures from a plane for example or even allies. The opposite of Interdependence is Selfishness.

White Values are Order and Humility.

Order is a desire for structure. Not letting personal feelings overrule the need for stability and law. The opposite of Order is Passion.

Humility is knowing that needs of others is more important than their own. To not act for personal gain but to ensure safety of those that can’t protect themselves. The opposite of Humility is Ambition.

Black Values are Selfishness and Ambition.

Selfishness is all about them. They are the most important, most deserving, and always on the right side of any conflict. The opposite of Selfishness is Interdependence.

Ambition is the desire for power, wealth, or anything else one could want. Keep climbing until what is gained is all there is and then find more. The opposite of Ambition is Humility.


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