The Multiverse

The different planes exist in a Multiverse. Between the planes is a place called The Blind Eternities, a dramatic name for a place of science defying mystical raw power called Æther. Only planeswalkers can exist in this place, and even then for only a short while. Anyone without the spark is destroyed by the entropy and mana that charge the Blind Eternities.

One of the major components of the game is the travel and time spent on different planes in the multiverse. If a DM does not have a set number of planes created before the start of play or wishes to add another while playing he can do so by the following steps.

1: Size
A plane is to be considered a world or planet but it never discussed if these planes are flat or actually spherical. This is ultimately left to the GM if his multiverse has planets or just large slabs of land riding on the back of four giant elephants standing on a space turtle.

2: Colors
Colors in terms of plane construction are essential. Besides making up the landscape they also help define the inhabitants and dangers on it. Green forests, blue oceans, rocky mountains, wide open grasslands or plains, and swamps. These are the basics however a plane can have black as a color and not contain swamps. Perhaps there is a ravaged black desert? A large forbidden graveyard? Its a matter of THEME. Not all planes will have all colors. What this means for play is that a player who is heavy in a color not available to the plane will find that they may not be able to draw on that mana while there.

3: Civilization
Are there cities or groups of intelligent people? Some planes are ‘uncivilized’ and only inhabited by wild animals. How many of them and where are they? Do they get along with each other? What are their races?

4: History
Come up with a BRIEF idea of how the plane has behaved for so many years. Was there war or current war? Tragic event? Wedding or new advancements? This will help get a player involved if there is something for them to undertake. Otherwise being a tourist would be boring.

5: Player Involvement
Even if there is no great conflict that is apparent a player should be able to find something that they can do while there. This can either be related to their own goals or quests, their pact, or simply something they happen to find while there. Part of being a planeswalker is simply exploration. Maybe they don’t want to visit town and simply wander the land for their own adventure. Their actions are theirs to decide. Never try and force them to be involved but always give them choices.

Random Generator:
Size: 1d6. 1 being small 6 being gigantic.

Colors: 5d6. 1: Red 2: Blue 3: Green 4: White 5: Black 6: BLANK. Result is how much of each color is represented in the land.

Civilization: 1d6. 1 no civilizations. 2 for 2, 3 for 3, etc, etc.

History: 1d6. 1 No turmoil yet. 2 growing conflict. 3 Tragic event. 4 Successful undertakings. 5 War concluded. 6 Open war.

The Multiverse

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