Pools and Dice

Dice is the active and random element of game-play. 10 sided dice are used for skills and mana. They represent the chances of success. A success will always be an 8, 9, or 10. 10 being a critical and instantly rewards an extra power die and the 10 is rerolled. If it is a success a second bonus power die is added. It is not rerolled on a second 10 unless the player has the ability Pierce.
6 sided dice are used for power and abilities. They represent the force and result of successes.

A player has two pools of dice he uses when trying to accomplish goals: a Mana Pool and a Power Pool.

The Mana Pool is the dice a player can add to any action they take. This pool represents the planeswalker’s ability to use stored energy to increase their chances of success. The amount a planeswalker has is the total number of points in their Values. The pool is divided by these colors but may be drawn from as the player sees fit. Some action will require specific colored mana to be used.

Once a mana die has been spent it cannot be used again until the planeswalker has sufficiently completed a moment on a Path* which returns mana pool to full, used an ability or artifact that gives back mana and when acting upon values in play.

The Power Pool is an empty pool to start and is where, upon accumulating successes, the player adds dice to be used immediately after the action roll or save for use at another time in the sequence of the conflict involved. Once the conflict is completed the pool is emptied.

For example: A player who rolls 3 successes adds 3 dice to their Power Pool. If they wish they could use the power dice to add an effect to their roll or save them for another action.

Certain items, called Artifacts, may increase a planeswalker’s dice pools. In addition, some spell effects may deal the same effect.
(*Path being his personal or group oriented goal. So complete part of the story, regain lost mana)

Pools and Dice

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