Planeswalkers are sentient beings of any number of races that have extraordinary power and the ability to travel to different worlds, or planes. They come into this power by a ‘one in a million’ chance of being born with the Spark. Even fewer actually have their spark “ignite”, giving them the realization and knowledge of their power. The spark ignites usually by an act of trauma or crisis, but its just as likely to be a result of any defining moment in the walker’s life: a near-death experience, deep meditation, witnessing the death of loved ones. The player will ultimately decide just how their spark ignites and define if it has an effect on their character.

Living as a planeswalker is different for each one. Their goals and decisions of what to do with their power varies but exploration is a deep felt desire in most. Their destiny is their own to carve in the path of fate. What will be yours?

A planeswalker has access to the Five Colors of Mana, five defining elements of energy and power that shape the multiverse. They are Red, Blue, Green, White and Black. Using their magic a planeswalker is able to conjure amazing spells and summon great beasts to do their bidding. A player will have to chose which of the colors their character is most attuned to by selecting specific values, which will be covered in another document.

Normally a planeswalker acts alone. In certain cases however, they will meet each other and may even form bonds. It is not unheard of as being able to travel the multiverse one planeswalker is bound to cross paths with another along the way.

A group of planeswalkers that band together for a specific purpose is called a Gathering. If these alliances last beyond the original goal, they may even form a Pact.


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