Creatures and Summoning

The creatures that a planeswalker will come across, violent or passive, may be Communed with in order to summon.
Non-Sapient Creatures only have the following skills:
Toughness and Physical/Spellcraft
All creatures have:
>Commune Chance (How hard it is to commune)
>Focus (How much Focus is required to maintain summons if any)
>Casting Cost (How much initial mana is needed as well has length of cast)
>Ability (if any)

Unlike a planeswalker, Toughness is all a creature has to protect itself. Once it drops to 0 they are dead. Creatures that are killed in combat cannot be summoned again. Obviously. Depending on time a creature may even die before they can be summoned at all.

Creature Advancement:
The use of a summons will allow the creature to advance in skill along side the Planeswalker in few different ways:
1. Further use will see their skills advancing.
2. Planeswalker actions and value shifts may change the creature’s own.
3. Stronger bonds between the creature and the walker may lower the Focus and cost to summon the creature.

Say Fred summons his Tiger pet to help him scout a forest for him. If the GM sees Fred using the tiger more and more for this type of use he should consider giving the tiger bonus points in Survival.
Also, if Fred is constantly using the Tiger in acts of aggression and hatred, the Tiger may shift to a more Red aligned status, reacting to his summoner’s emotions and acting more ferocious, getting a change in stats to reflect it.

Mistreating his summons could cause the Tiger to even turn on Fred, aggressively or simply leaving service and unable to be summoned again.

One of the more signature abilities of a Planeswalker is calling upon creatures and heroes to fight for them in the form of a summoning.

A planeswalker can not however just pull a random creature from the multiverse. There has to be a connection between the walker and the creature. So if a player wants to call upon a specific creature they come across they must first Commune with them.
Communing is a skill challenge using Summoning. The player decides which Color to exert when trying to succeed, usually depending on the creature’s Color. A player with a higher Red Color would have an easier time communing with a red beast or elemental.

Intelligent Creatures:
People, humans or otherwise, are not communed. It involves the planeswalker and the person to have an agreement to the summoning. This is considerably harder for most people.

Failing a Summons:
There is no rolling required when Summoning but if a summons requires a long time it may fail if the planeswalker is attacked too much. Depending on the power of the creature being summoned there will be a Focus requirement that must be maintained during the casting length. Taking damage from an attack will require a Focus roll (summoning + mana). If the focus is not met the spell fails.

Creatures and Summoning

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