Character Creation

1. The first thing a player should do before creating their character is decide who their planeswalker is. Jumping points can be a form of magic or skill they excel in, a physical description, or a personality. Race and description are left to the player and GM to discuss. There is no “racial bonuses”.

If the player wants to play his character before they become a planeswalker then that is Role-played first. Upon obtaining their Spark they may begin the next steps. Based on these play the GM may decide to award an extra dot into a value or skill.

2. Next, Values must then be chosen. To begin a player chooses two values that will become Primary Values. These values begin with 2 dots in each. Values have a max dot total of 5. A player then has another 6 dots to place in values of their choice. Thus at creation a player has 10 dots in values and therefore 10 Mana.

3. Next, a player will choose an Ability. They get 1 dot or score in this ability.

4. A player starts with 1 point in all skills. They then have 20 points to put into skills.

All players starts the game with 20 Toughness.

5. Lastly, they must decide what their planeswalker’s first major Path Goal is to be. What starts their adventure? Do they wish to find a Kingdom to serve? Find mysterious objects of power? Destroy their rival?

The game does not necessarily have to begin with them working towards this goal, but it should be influential to the story.

Character Creation

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