Planeswalkers have access to learn strong Abilities that supplement their spells and talents. These abilities are either passive or activated and many have a mana cost, usually a specific color as well.
Passive Abilities are always in effect, and do not need to be ‘turned on’.
Activated Abilities must be personally used by tapping mana which requires the planeswalker to set aside dice from their mana pool. These dice cannot be used while the ability is in effect. Activated abilities can be single use or prolonged. Single use abilities tap mana only once; prolonged abilities tap mana and then each turn the planeswalker keeps the ability in use another mana is tapped. Prolonged ability second mana cost (to keep it in effect) is colorless.

Abilities have a score that can be increased up to 3.

Furthermore, abilities are assigned to a specific color, colors, or none at all. While any planeswalker can in theory use an ability that they are not attuned to in color, they will be very limited in its potency.

Red Mana Abilities
Haste (Passive)
>Increases initiative by 1 per score.

Blood-thirst (Passive)
>Upon defeating an enemy, add 1 dice to Power Pool. Score increases number of enemies this ability gives a bonus. 1 for 1 enemy, 2 for 2 enemies, etc.

Gamble (Activate. Red 3)
>Flip a coin. Heads the planeswalker’s action succeeds, Tails the action is backlash failure. At 3 scores planeswalker may re-do a flip.

Shatter (Activate. Red 3+1)
>Destroy artifact based on score level.

Ravage (Activate/Prolong. Red 2:1)
>Add 1 dice to Power Pool as long as roll has a success. Score increases dice to Power Pool by 1.

Blue Mana Abilities
Counterspell (Activate. Blue 3)
>Cause the target spell to fail. Higher score increases success.

Scry (Activate. Blue 2)
>Reveal information about a place, person, or thing. Higher score increases clear info.

Spellsteal (Activate. Blue 3+1.)
>Take the target spell and use it as your own. Higher score increases success.

Chronos (Activate/Prolong. Blue 2:2)
>Alter the passage of time for as long as ability is active. Amount of time effect increases by score.

Mimic (Activate. Blue 3)
>Take on the appearance of something you’ve seen before. Length of ability depends on score.

Green Mana Abilities
Shapeshift (Activate. Green 3)
>Take on any form. Higher score increases chance to hold form when hit by spells.

Heal (Activate. Green 3)
>Restore toughness to a target by rolling a die. Higher score means more die rolled.

Shroud (Activate. Green 2+1)
>Target negates successful spell rolls against them equal to the score.

Mana Gain (Activate. 0)
>Once during play untap mana equal to score.

Boost (Activate. Green 2/4/6)
>Immediately gain power die equal to score. Cost to boost increases more times it is used.

White Mana Abilities
Protection (Activate/Prolong. White 2+1:1)
>Increases defense against a color of caster’s choice. Score improves defense.

Lifelink (Activate. White 3)
>Whenever target gains toughness, planeswalker gains half. Score rewards +1 toughness.

Heal (Activate. White 3)
>Restore toughness to a target by rolling a die. Higher score means more die rolled.

Vigilance (Passive)
>After their turn, planeswalker refreshes 1 power die. Score increases die return by 1.

Banding (Passive)
>When striking the same target along with an ally or summons add 1 to a die rolled. Score increases number of die the bonus applies to by 1.

Black Mana Abilities
Drain Life (Activate. Black 3)
>After a successful damage attack, planeswalker gains d6 toughness. Higher score adds dice.

Wither (Activate. Black 2:1)
>Target loses 1 die for every roll made while active. Score increases lost dice.

Blood Magic (Activate. Special)
>Planeswalker rolls for each Black Mana (but does not spend it). For every success they restore a mana die but lose 2 toughness.

Unearth (Activate. Black 3+1)
>Return to life a defeated summons.

Sacrifice (Activate. Black 3)
>Target summons or self loses toughness equal to score roll and planeswalker gains that in power die. (if score 2 then roll 2d6 for toughness lost and gain that result in power die)

Colorless Mana Abilities
Empower (Activate. Any 2)
>Target gains 1 power die for each score.

Summon (Activate. Special)
>The planeswalker opens a portal to bring forth a creature from a plane to fight for him. See Summoning for more information.

Disenchant (Activate. Any 3)
>Remove a spell effect from target. Score increases success.

Craft Artifact (Activate. Special)
>The planeswalker creates a magical artifact. See Artifice for more information.

Pierce (Passive)
>Roll an extra Critical up to score total.


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